I’m a wildlife ecologist and a data nerd. I work as a data manager for the Nevada Department of Wildlife. Lately I’ve been working on designing Shiny applications, fullstack javascript applications, and databases to make data pipelines for wildlife biologists. As I learn these technologies write about my experiences on this blog. I figure I’m not the only wildlife biologist struggling with this stuff!

Open Lab Notebook

After reading Carl Boettiger’s lab notebooks and OpenWetWare I decided to use this site as my open lab notebook. I’m a huge fan of Open Source, in an effort to contribute to the Open Source community I will be sharing my work as best I can on this site.

The site will also serve as a permanent brain dump for procedures and methods as I learn them. Posts tagged lab notebook will be more of a brain dump than a tutorial or walk through. A good example, I deployed a Shiny application on AWS and several weeks later I had to deploy another on my employers AWS server. For some terrible reason I didn’t document how I did any of it. Hence the post on deploying a Shiny Server.

The Site

This website is built using Jekyll, a blog aware, static website generator. I write posts/pages with a combination of markdown, html, and css in Atom, a text editor by GitHub. I am using the Poole/Lanyon theme with a few customizations (source code on GitHub). The site is hosted on github using GitHub Pages and Amazon Web Services S3. I use s3_website to push the site to AWS. My domain name is registered with hover, by far the easiest (and coolest, they sponsor Radiotopia, my favorite podcast network) registrar I’ve used.


The following links are RSS feeds. The first is for all my posts, the second for R related posts.

Obligatory disclaimer: content herein are solely my own opinions and do not reflect the official policies of the Nevada Department of Wildlife, or the Government of the State of Nevada.