telemetR: Extending with PostGIS

The second post in the telemetR series, extending the database with PostGIS .

Upgrading PostgreSQL on macOS

While working on building a spatial database system I needed to update PostgreSQL from 9.5.3 to 9.6.1 in order to use the most recent version of PostGIS.

telemetR: Creating an Animal Movement Database

The first post in the telemetR series, creating a PostgreSQL database to store animal movement data.

telemetR: Introduction

Animal movement data is an important tool for the management of wildlife. The prices and sizes have decreased (down to 10 grams) and the capabilities and longevity of GPS tracking devices has increased. As GPS telemetry devices become more common the amount of data collected has grown substantially. The increased volume of data has created several new challenges for managing and effectively using this data

Project 6: Vue Introduction

I’ve read many posts about about Vue.js over the last several weeks. The framework looks like it’ll fulfill many of my needs at work. Over the next several weeks I’m going to work on figuring out the nuances of setting up fullstack web applications with Vue as my view library.