Weekly Project 2: MongoDB, Express and Node Blog App

Something a little more ambitious this week, still pretty easy though. A simple blog app with MongoDB, Express, and Node. This was fairly similar to the first few steps of the microblog app for the Flask framework. I kept it even simpler. My primary goal was to familiarize myself with the Express framework and RESTful routes.

Weekly Project 1: Front-end Leaflet

Alright, week one of my coding challenge. I decided to kick things off using leaflet on the front end. Basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I’ve been using leaflet in R for several months now and I love it. It is about time I learn real leaflet. There may also be some need for displaying coordinates or clicking a map and getting coordinates for some applications for work. So here I go.

One Coding Project a Week: Prologue

I’ve been writing code almost every (work)day for the last 2 years. My skills have improved a ton, but mainly in R, Python and VBA/SQL. I’ve learned a little HTML, CSS and JavaScript along the way. But I’m no where near where I want to be.

Navigating EC2 with the Command Line

Understanding the directory structure of an AWS EC2 instance is extremely helpful in order to get your apps running. My last post explained how to get an AWS EC2 instance up and running with Shiny Server, this post will layout the directory structure and navigating to important files.

Shiny Server on AWS

The Shiny web framework for R is great, and one of my most frequently used packages. I’ve used it to develop exploratory data analysis and visualization tools for my coworkers. When I first started developing these apps I would send instructions to my coworkers explaining how to install R, RStudio, the packages they needed, and how to run the app from GitHub. It was easy enough, albeit very tedious.